Mi Cloud – Download Desktop App | March 2024

Mi Cloud – Download Desktop App for Windows or Mac

  • You can download the Mi Cloud Desktop app for your Windows PC or Mac device using the following link:


  • Now choose whether you have a Windows device or a Mac. The download will shortly begin.
  • Now set up the installer, and the program files will be installed on your computer.
  • Open the application and log in with your Xiaomi account to access the contents of your mobile device and use the features provided by Mi Cloud.

What Is Mi Cloud?

Mi Cloud is a cloud platform provided by Xiaomi, allowing users to access the contents of their Android device on their computer or another smartphone in a wireless manner. It enables you to access the contacts, messages, photos, notes, call logs, and settings like wifi and phone tracker on your Xiaomi device. You can use the Xiaomi cloud to transfer and manage your data efficiently. The Xiaomi cloud is accessible across platforms and browsers, thus allowing even your Apple devices to connect to it too.

How To Use Mi Cloud?

  • Open settings in your phone.
  • Scroll down to ‘Mi Account’ and click on it to log in to your Mi account.
  • Now click on ‘Xiaomi Cloud.’
  • To upload your photos or pictures on the cloud, click ‘Gallery’ and enable ‘Sync automatically.’
  • Repeat the previous step for all the other data that you want to upload by clicking on their respective options.

Mi Cloud Software Features

Mi Cloud is a potentially innovative software for Xiaomi device owners. It is a convenient way of utilizing cloud storage for one’s benefit. All the data stored in your mobile device can be obtained from here. Thus, you are allowed to take regular backups on your computer and keep your mobile device as light as possible for better performance and health.

The prominent features of Mi Cloud Software are following:

  • Photo storage
  • Notes storage
  • Message storage
  • Call logs storage
  • Locate your phone
  • Application backups


How To Clear Mi Cloud Storage?

Mi Cloud storage offers up to 5GB of space to store your data. If it is consumed entirely, you can clear it to make more space to store further data.

  • Open cloud storage on your mobile device or PC and log in to your account to view your data.
  • A page will appear showing contacts, messages, gallery, notes, recordings, etc.
  • Click on the folder you want to clear. For example, click on the ‘Gallery’ folder to delete photos from your cloud storage.
  • Click on the hamburger icon on the top left corner of your screen and select ‘Albums.’
  • Now select the albums individually that you want to delete and delete them to free your space.
  • Follow similar steps if you have to delete items from any other folder.

Is Mi Cloud Safe?

Mi Cloud provides encryption with well-preserved keys to prevent data leeching.

When you store a file in Mi Cloud, it is actually broken up into little pieces. Each piece is then encrypted separately using a special code that is unique to the platform and not accessible to anyone. If anyone tries to read the file without knowing the code, the file will look like a bunch of random letters and numbers.

Also, Mi is one of the most trusted brands worldwide, so you can be assured that your data will be perfectly safe.

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