How to Unpair Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and Band 4 | March 2024

Xiaomi has launched a lot of electronic products on a global level. Some of them are the popular fitness band which is among the highest selling products of Xiaomi

The fitness band helps monitor the heart rate and calculate the steps covered, and with that, the new ones are also GPS enabled. Beyond the fitness related features, these bands show the notification of the phone which is paired with it. It gives an alert when any sort of reminder gets missed.

So now we will discuss how to unpair Mi band 3 and Mi band 4.

How to Unpair Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and Band 4 from phone (MiFit app)

  1. To unpair Mi 3 and Mi 4 from the mobile phone, first, open the MiFit app. 
  2. Then, go to the profile section, which is located at the bottom and tap on the band. 
  3. After that, scroll down, and you can see the “unpair” option. 
  4. Click on that option to unpair the band. 
  5. After that, both the device and the band will be unpaired. Users are recommended to do this sometimes when the band does not respond properly.

How to Factory Reset Mi Band 3 and 4

  1. To reset Mi band 3, tap to activate the screen and go to factory settings. Then swipe the screen until the factory reset option arrives. 
  2. Tap and hold the button of the factory reset. 
  3. After this, the Mi band 3 will be reset.

To reset Mi band 4, first, touch the band and then the screen will appear. 

  1. After the screen appears, swipe to reach the settings, and then the factory reset option will appear. 
  2. Click on that option, and you’ll be receiving a confirmation notification. 
  3. Click on the checkmark icon to confirm it, and the band will be reset as per the factory settings. Band after reset can be paired with any other device again. 

How to Restart Mi Band 4

The following steps will help you to know how to restart the Mi band. 

  1. Start the Mi Band 4, then swipe from down to up to get the “More” menu. 
  2. In the “more” menu, scroll down, and the settings will appear. 
  3. In the settings section, scroll down and try to find the “Reboot” option. 
  4. After that, Mi Band 4 will restart. 

The new Mi band 4 had created a hype among youth to own it as the old models of the band like 1,2 and 3 were superbly amazing. In the new Mi band 4, some of the advanced features have been added.

How to Restart Mi Band 3

There is no possible way to restart Mi Band 3.

  1. After the total battery drainage, it tends to shut down automatically.
  2. After that, charge the band again it automatically restart.  

Mi band 3 had a great demand after the launch as the old two models were also in high demand for their features; this band is also known for the same. 

What Happens When You Factory Reset and Unpair Your Band

  1. After the factory reset, the band will completely delete all the customization which the user did. 
  2. If any customization is done through the app, it tends to stay. 
  3. After the restart of the band, log in to your account to get all the data synchronised as it was previously. 

After unpairing, the phone notification will not be broadcasting further in the band. To use those features, the user has to pair the phone with the band again.

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