How To Fix Bootloop By Using Fastboot? | March 2024

Bootloop can cause some severe damage to the phone if not fixed sooner. Many users have experienced a loss of data due to the bootloop. Besides that, bootloop even causes internal problems in the device like battery issues, heating up, and much more. Here, we would tell you how you can fix the bootloop issues of your device by using simple and effective methods.

What Is Bootloop?

Before we discover how to fix bootloop, it is important to understand what exactly is bootloop. Bootloop is a system error that forces the phone to switch on automatically without the user doing anything. Even if you manually switch off the phone, it will automatically turn on, causing the phone to heat up in some cases. This particular condition of the phone is called Bootloop.

What Causes A Phone To Bootloop?

A bootloop can only occur in any Android device model(stock devices) that has an original ROM, software, and firmware. There have been many cases where the Xiaomi MI phone users complain about bootloop problems.

In rooted devices, the user can make specific changes like related to customizing the device’s firmware. In most cases, these customizations are not compatible with the device and cause it to go into the bootloop.

Besides that, if you download any corrupted app file or a folder can even cause the problem of bootloops. There are many cases where the phone is compatible with all the customizations but is still going to bootloop. In such cases, the problem lies in the device’s zip file, APK, or app files. If you download various apps that aren’t meant for stock devices or try to install them, it causes such problems. These can be fixed using custom recovery or Magisk Modules in TWRP recovery.


How To Flash MIUI Via Fastboot Mode To Fix Bootloop?

Most bootloop cases arise in MI phones. Most of the MI phones are open to customization. For customizing the phone, the user has to use the Fastboot mode, where first the user has to unlock the bootloader and then flash the files in the phone. While sometimes the phone works perfectly fine even after the customizations, there are various cases where the phone would be going into a boot loop mode.

Here are some of the ways in which you can recover your phone from bootloop mode:

Restart Device:

The most common solution to fix this problem is by restarting the device. Switch off your device and remove the battery. Keep the phone in this condition for five to ten minutes of time and then start the device and check if the problem has been solved or not. If you cannot remove the device’s battery due to your phone model, then switch off the device for five minutes and check if the problem is gone or not.

Using Recovery Mode: While the first solution works in most cases, there are chances that the bootloop problem might still happen even after restarting the phone. In order to solve it, you have to use the “Recovery Mode” of the phone. Recovery mode will not delete any data from your phone’s file or folder and will solve the problem. Users have been getting results following the Recovery Mode methods over a long time. For conducting this method, follow these steps.

  • Switch off your Android device model and then press the “Low” volume button and the “Power” button simultaneously.      Use Volume Up/ Down buttons to browse to Recovery.                                                                                                                          
  • You will see a bootloader screen on your phone. There would be an option “Recovery.” Select that option for phone reboot in recovery mode.
  • When you select the option, you will see various sub-options. Select the option that states “Reboot System Now.” You can do so by using the Volume button and the Power button.

After doing so, your phone will restart, and it will be out from the bootloop and fastboot mode. 

Note: Don’t forget to backup your internal storage as installing MIUI via fastboot mode may wipe your phone memory and important file or folders.

You can also install a TWRP custom recovery and boot the phone into custom recovery mode. From there, you will get access to the Advanced option in the Custom Recovery menu. The custom recovery access will help you to clear the cache files that you’re unable to toto do so.

How to Fix Bootloops Caused by Magisk Modules?

Fix bootloop magisk module

Source: GadgetHacks


Download the ‘Magisk Manager for Recovery Mode’ mod in TWRP recovery. It is important to download Magisk module recovery from here or using a simple ADB command at first. Use a USB cable to connect your phone to your PC. From there, you can uninstall Magisk Modules in TWRP Recovery itself without erasing/wiping any data on the phone folder at any time. To use the ADB command, use a USB cable to connect the MI phone model to the PC. From there you’ll get access to the installed ADB folder and use the command in TWRP recovery after download. For more details click here.

If you still have the problem, contact the manufacturer or the device’s customer service and get it fixed within time.


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