Where To buy Xiaomi Phones In USA? | March 2024

Xiaomi is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. This Chinese smartphone company has a huge line of phones that has something for everyone. However, their stock isn’t available in all countries.

Despite its growing popularity, the United States remains one of those places where Xiaomi devices are still not widely available.

This article will guide you to buy Xiaomi phones in USA.

E-commerce Sites to Buy Xiaomi Phones In The USA


Buy Xiaomi phone in US from Amazon

Everyone’s favorite e-commerce store, Amazon now lists Xiaomi or Redmi phones as well. They currently list more than 100 models of Xiaomi phones which is quite a decent selection. You can find both old models along with the latest Redmi models of Xiaomi phones. You can get these shipped across any address in the US easily.

Most of these are unlocked phones with band compatibility specifications clearly written in the description. Hence do make sure that you are buying the right Xiaomi phone which is compatible with the cell phone network that you have.



NeweggOne of the most popular online vendors for purchasing Xiaomi smartphones is Newegg.com. Newegg is a great online shop that carries a large selection of Xiaomi products and offers some significant savings. Right now, you can get a Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 for less than $200. For less than $380, you can also acquire the highly excellent Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro with a RAM of 6GB and internal storage of 128GB.




Buy Xiaomi phone in US from Aliexpress

AliExpress is a Chinese e-commerce company and part of the famed Alibaba group. As it is a China-based e-commerce site, you will easily find all types of Xiaomi products from phones to consumer electronic devices as they are all manufactured in China.

This is a great option to choose for everyone who needs to buy a variety of Xiaomi devices. The only drawback is the long shipping time as all products are shipped from China.



Banggood has a well-designed English-language website and also ships to the United States. Banggood is also known for selling phones at deep discounts, especially Xiaomi phones. You can get a Xiaomi Mi9 Mi 9 SE Global Version for $309 right now.



  • Geekbuying: Geekbuying.com is the last on our list of trustworthy locations to buy Xiaomi phones. It isn’t the best but not the worst option as well. Geekbuying has a good reputation and sells Xiaomi phones at steep prices.


Where to buy Xiaomi phones

Offline Markets

Well, it is hard to find offline retailers who are willing to import an alien device into the States because of their low popularity there and the poor market strategy of Xiaomi. However, with some proper digging, you will be able to find people who are willing to import a quality Xiaomi product for some extra charges.

Important Things To Consider Before Buying a Xiaomi phone in the USA

Before buying a Xiaomi Android phone, you have to make sure that it will work on the LTE frequencies of your chosen carrier. Some devices, however, may not work seamlessly with US carriers. Also, it is not uncommon for devices from China to not have the Play Store pre-installed.


Is Xiaomi A Good Brand?

Xiaomi phones, though originating in China, fail to live up to the reputation of general Chinese products, so you can consider them reliable. Xiaomi packs its devices with future-proof software and hardware at seemingly reasonable prices. Thus, they are quite a value for money and fall on the list of top budget phones. Xiaomi product offers a lot of competition to their competitors as they are always on the verge of doing something crazy about their specs or hardware. Thus, it is safe to consider Xiaomi a good brand.

Are Xiaomi Phones Safe in 2022?

Xiaomi had a fair share of scandals regarding customer data policy violations in the previous years. However, the situation has improved since then. With monthly updates, the devices are getting more stable and safer for the users, thus keeping their precious data safe and private. Xiaomi has changed its policy of data collection and is bending to the new rules. So, it must be your personal decision and trust in a brand to consider buying a device. However, it is safe to conclude that the Xiaomi phone has built a reputation of being safe as per user reviews and developers alike.


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