How To Add Fingerprint In Redmi Note 3? | March 2024

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is a trendy budget smartphone with excellent battery life and good performance. It is Xiaomi’s first device with a fingerprint id.

Your fingertips can perform multiple tasks. Besides, fingerprints are different for each individual, so using them as a security measure is better than forcing password protection.

This article is about how to add fingerprint in Redmi Note 3 phone so that you can easily use the following fingerprint enabled features:

  • Click photos using the fingerprint scanner as the trigger
  • Unlock the lock screen with a fingerprint pattern,
  • Open hidden folders from the file manager
  • Lock and unlock apps using fingerprint lock
  • Manage different fingerprint profiles for multiple fingers or users
  • Third-party app authorization

Steps to add fingerprint in Redmi Note 3

Step 1: To Setup Fingerprint Scanner, you need to go through your phone settings and scroll down to password and security

Step 2: Select the Screen Lock & Fingerprint option. A new window will prompt you to verify your security PIN or password for the device. If you select a pattern, you can draw the pattern in the next window and then add the fingerprint using the fingerprint scanner.


Step 3: To add the fingerprint, you need to place your finger in the fingerprint scanner. Adjust your finger in different directions. After successful completion, a confirmation message would be displayed. You can also customize your fingerprint name for your fingerprint profile. You have completed all the steps successfully to use your fingerprint scanner.

How To Add Fingerprint In Redmi Note 3_Step3 

Bonus: Lock/Unlock Apps on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 using the fingerprint scanner

Once you have set up your fingerprint in Redmi Note 3 phone, you can use it to keep lock your important apps on your phone. For example, if you do not wish to

Step 1: Make sure to select the app lock option in the fingerprint scanner settings to use the added fingerprints for the app lock.



Step 2: Headings to include:to the Settings -> Apps -> App Lock

Lock/Unlock Apps on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3_Step 2


Step 3: Turn on the privacy features to unlock apps by using a fingerprint for authentication

Lock/Unlock Apps on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3_Step 3


Step 4: Select the apps which you want to lock using the App Lock. You can also customize the app to lock and unlock all the apps simultaneously and add a Mi account for a password reset.

Lock/Unlock Apps on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3_Step 5



Now you have successfully configured your new Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 for fingerprint lock. Sometimes, due to improper placement of our fingers, the scan might be unsuccessful, so you could retry again by placing yours in proper symmetry with the scanner. The fingerprint authentication provides an added layer of security to your device.


Xiaomi Redmi Phone Fingerprint Not Working? Here’s a tip for rooted users

Step1: Install any root file explorer and grant superuser access to it or you can click on the following link and download the explorer: 


Step 2: Navigate to the root Data folder, which is usually denoted by “/.”

Step 3: Move to System -> Users -> 0 and search for Settings_fingerprint.xml file (This file contains all the fingerprints which were scanned and stored in our device), and delete this file.

Step 4: Move to the fpdata folder and delete the user.db file

***Warning:- Make sure you don’t delete any necessary file from the system because it may brick your phone***

Step 5: You need to perform a manual reboot for the changes to take place.


Hope you liked this guide on How to add fingerprint in Redmi Note 3.

If you want a similar guide for any other phone, please let us know.

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