Download Mi Account Unlock Tool | How to Use Unlock Tool

This is a very straightforward tool just you need to download this tool after that install it on your computer and put your device into recovery mode to unlock Xiaomi Redmi phones.


Download Mi Account Unlock Tool

What is Mi Account Unlock Tool?

It’s the instrument to remove or Bypass Mi Cloud verification when You forget Mi Account Login & Password. By utilizing this tool you are able to Bypass Mi Account or Disable Account. All these are the only two services are available in this program.

At any time you Reset your device, On the first boot, we have to put in the Login of Past Mi Account ID without entering the details you can’t use the apparatus. Now, to Bypass that we have two options, First would choose to overlook password and regain the logins or if you did not recall the exact ID then you can use this instrument to Bypass Mi Account or Disable Mi Account choices.

Download Mi Account Unlock Tool 2020 (Updated):

File Name Mi Account Unlock Tool.rar
Developer Mobile Software Advance
Size 51 MB
Supported OS Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Download Link

Note: We can not make sure the Above Files will work for you or not. Many people are complaining about it. If you found any proper working file then do share with us via comment section.

Alternate Tool:

Download Easy FRP Tool: →Download Now

File Password:

Hardware ID: 6A8398C2

Activation Key: 2656711213965662805333266584828898864832

How to Use Mi Account Unlock Tool?

Hard resetting your device using this toolkit is extremely straightforward. You will need to boot your device into a Recovery mode that will boot your apparatus into PC Mode. Here is the quick guide to beginning with this tool.

01. If you have an antivirus installed on the pc then please turn off it prior to drawing.

02. Open the extracted folder & Run”MiAccountUnlock Tool.exe”.

03. The application will open your display. Reboot your device into Retrieval Mode, First Switch off your Phone. Now, Press Volume Up Button + Power On button both at the same time & maintain them till you see Mi Logo or

04. Connect the smartphone Utilizing USB Cable to the PC.

05. In the tool, Click on info to assess whether your device is connected or not. You will see the information on the connected telephone. In case it didn’t demonstrate any advice that means it’s recognized from the tool. Go back and install appropriate Xiaomi USB Drivers again.

06. Eventually, Press” Bypass Mi Account” to eliminate cloud verification or Xiaomi FRP Lock.

07. Don’t Plug-out the device before the unit is not startup correctly. Also, do not link to the internet till you’ve booted to the primary display.

Method 2- Paid Unlocking [100% Reliable Source]

If you are tired of looking for ways to unlock your mi account, use the 100% unlock method from 3ToolGSM service. This method is suitable for any Xiaomi devices with a locked my account, but has several limitations:

1. The device is in LOST status (lost or stolen)
2. At the moment, the device activation region is not supported

To receive free information on deleting a mi account, leave a request on the official website of the 3ToolGSM service. Before submitting an application for unlocking a mi account, read the FAQ on the 3ToolGSM website.

The service specialists will process your application, after which you will receive an e-mail message that will contain all the information about the possibility or not the ability to delete MI account from your device, as well as the cost of the service.

The service for deleting a mi account is paid and is carried out only at 100% prepayment.
The official website of the 3ToolGSM service is


[quads id=15]

Method 3- Send Email To Xiaomi:

If you have a box from the phone, a check, of course, the phone itself, then you can write a letter to the Xiaomi support service [email protected] in English. You will be asked to send the following details:

  • The country where you are
  • Check, box (photo)
  • IMEI of two Sim-cards (photo)
  • Phone Lock Screen Capture
  • email and/or phone number added in Mi account

Method 4- Unlocking Via

You can unlock the device by logging into the Mi-account at ( formerly ). But this is only if you know the login and have access to the phone number or mail, and you can’t log in from your smartphone for some reason.

  • We visit the official page and click on the “forgot password?” Below the orange “Sign in” button.
  • Confirmation code is sent to the attached number or email, which we enter in a special column. Alas, nothing will work without a phone number or mail address.
  • Next, we come up with a new strong password.
  • We take a smartphone and enter updated login information. The lock should be released if you did everything correctly.

Reasons for blocking Mi-account

  • Quite often, problems arise after resetting the settings. The user starts the phone, tries to log in, and sees a denial of access. It’s good if the wrong password is to blame because it can be easily restored.
  • You can also face a locked account after purchasing a used phone. Honest sellers delete accounts in advance and sell the mobile device almost in the factory form. Therefore, always carefully check before purchasing smartphones from Xiaomi that were already in use!
  • And the most commonplace reason is the careless user himself. Forgot your password and entered the wrong one many times? As a result, the phone is completely locked.

Video Guide to Use Mi Account Unlock Tool

Are you still didn’t knowledgeable about the use of this app, Don’t worry check out the brief video about Mi Account Unlock Tool 2019 Xiaomi Account Unlock Error Fix Tools.

This was the overall process to Bypass Xiaomi FRP Lock & Post for Mi account unlock tool free download. If this article is grateful to you then reach that share buttons to discuss on social networking. Also, do comment in case you have any uncertainty related to this.

Download Mi Account Unlock Tool | Bypass Mi Cloud Verification Easily

Download Mi Account Tool for free. You will get here the latest version to Bypass Mi Account. Get Easy way to Bypass Mi Cloud Verification using this Tool.

Price Currency: INR

Operating System: Windows, iOS

Application Category: DeveloperApplication

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